About us

Our department is the newly organized division of the City council, which supports citizens’ participation in decision-making process at local level and civic control to administrative accountability. Support will be provided more activities to let people to participate in social activities as regarding economic, management or social decisions.  We engage many kind of consulting programme, which support citizens to improve one’s knowledge and skills of effective involvement on social activity or accountability. For example:

  • Open discussion meetings in Civil Chamber of UB City.
  • Civic education improvement trainings to the public.
  • Mass media advertisement job to explain the idea of Direct Democracy.
  • Consulting job for citizen’s or citizens’ groups on policies, laws, and public administrative regulations at khoroo (the smallest administrative unit) level.
  • A survey to feel out public opinion.

What we can transfer

  • How to organize Civil Participation trainings to the public or local government’s officials?
  • How to organize an open discussion meetings in Civil Chamber such as PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETINGS & PUBLIC HEARINGS?
  • How to share information with the public and listen to the public's concerns about involvement of Public Participation?

What we need

  • An opportunity to share successes & good practices of Direct Democracy or Decentralisation challenges.
  • What’s legal procedure to protect and improve public regulations and citizens’ participation at local level?
  • How to draft, formulate, discuss, approve, and implement public administration regulations at local level and control its’ process?
  • More experiences of international citizens’ participation activities.
  • Staff trainings to improve communication or English language skills.